Mr. & Mrs. Taylor


It is always an honor to be apart of a wedding but, this wedding was extra special because I was hired by the maid of honor as her gift to the bride and groom. Rick and Mioshi expected to just show up and say “I do”.

The maid of honor wasn’t the only one with a surprise. The church planned a reception meal after the wedding. It was a great celebration! Afterwards we went to a park for a few portraits.

img_0421 img_0425 img_0433 img_0440img_0444 img_0476 img_0485 img_0490 img_0505 img_0519 img_0533 img_0544 img_0547 img_0551 img_0557 img_0559 img_0566 img_0568 img_0580 img_0583 img_0586 img_0589 img_0592 img_0598 img_0600


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